Experience & Gifts

The Healer

The Psychic

  • 26 Years Experience
  • Abilities University Tested
  • Police Work
  • Amber Alerts
  • Search & Rescue/Recovery
  • Channel Loved Ones
  • Empathic
  • Clairvoyant (seeing)
  • Clairaudient (hearing)
  • Clairsentient (feeling)
  • Clairalient (smell)
  • Clairgustant (tasting)
  • 18 Years Meditation
  • 18 Years Coaching
  • Guided Meditation
  • Zen Meditation
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Focus Techniques
  • Relaxation Techniques

Meet Janet

Years of experience combined with a deep innate wisdom and keen intuition.

I believe in Soul Enlightenment and Self-Empowerment through the recognition of one's truth, self reflection, emotional and physical balance, and sense of self discovery.  It is important to frequently reflect on your belief system in order to have a knowing, awareness, and understanding  of your true inner and higher self.

I like to say: "I am well applied, not well read" when it comes to my gifts; for I have never allowed books, opinions, and the experiences of others to guide the manner in which I feel, apply, and utilize my gifts. It is a "knowing" for me and a very deep  passion guided by a deep innate wisdom and a very keen and accurate intuition. 

Over the last 26 years I have worked with many people from all walks of life; on the corporate level, in the music industry, in the movie industry, sports teams, groups of friends, and families all trying to use a natural, higher, wider, well rounded approach to working together, walking their path, feeling whole as individuals for the sake of group participation, and utilizing healing tools from all areas of wellness.

I would love to help you walk to your higher self, lets talk about your path.  Be Well & Just Be

  • Human Behavior Studies
  • Human Behavior Techniques
  • Extensive Training
  • Group Sessions
  • Family Crisis Practice
  • Grief Coaching Practice
  • Relationship Practice
  • Psychic Perception
  • 26 Years Experience 

The Guru

All Zen . . . All About

  • 18 Years Reiki Master (Usui Method)
  • 16 Years Reflexologist
    (Whitehawk Method)
  • 16 Years Pressure Point
    ​(Standard Method)

The Life Coach