All Zen . . . Life Coaching

45 Minute - $60.00

Personal Wellness Workshop 

6 or 8 Week Personalized Workshop:

It is a 6-week one on one workshop where we identify the most pressing area of your life, decide what the goals will be, lay out the steps to reach the goal and begin walking towards your goal.  With the use of:

  • Intuitive/Psychic Advice.
  • Mediumship to receive messages if indeed there are any.
  • Life Coaching Human Behavior Solutions based on personal patterns, beliefs, and behavior.
  • Good old fashion homework and assignments to be assigned, completed, and discussed.

You will receive a very personalized and full circle type of workshop tailored especially for you.  We are having great success with clients knocking goals off their list one at a time and continue to walk with confidence, determination, and self healing tools which allow them to be present in every step they take. People who use this are usually looking for big changes in their lives, changing careers, going through a very challenging personal crisis, or just want to revamp and start over on a clean page.

It takes 6 or 8 Weeks depending on the Workshop package you choose, with one 45 Minute session every week or every other week, your choice, until the 6 or 8 sessions are filled.  Can be done on the phone or on Skype

6 Week Workshop - $360.00

5 Minute - $15.00

30 Minute - $45.00

15 Minute - $30.00

8 Week Workshop - $480.00

Life Coaching

Psychic Reading Session:

Experience a safe space to talk about you and your path.  The use of psychic perception, mediumship, human behavior counseling and innate wisdom makes this not only the most popular area of service at All Zen but also allows for the recipient to plan, walk, prepare, and make changes in their life with full circle type of session.  95% of these sessions are done on the phone with great accuracy but can also be done through Skype for the visual affect or in Person for local clients.