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What some of Janet's clients are saying about their experience!

"Janet is just one of those people you stop and look at and say: wow, I am so glad she was placed on my path. She has been my rock, my confidant, my adviser, my healer but most of she has become my friend. For many years I have relied on her wisdom and gifts to steer me through my professional career as well as my personal life.  I work in the music industry and she has been very instrumental in helping me make major decisions through her intuitive/psychic coaching. I have also had her work with many of the musicians/bands we represent as a way of helping them deal with everything that comes with this industry.  Her accuracy is mind blowing and crazy accurate; dare I say frightening, in a good way, at times. I have had many Reiki sessions with her and many of us out here on the west coast look forward to her visits as her approach to Reiki is beautiful and real for it comes from her caring, loving and kind heart.  Her intention is pure and that translates well while in session. In summary; she is simply the best and I trust her implicitly."
Brett - Los Angeles CA
Service Category: Psychic Life & Career Coaching - Reiki - Natural Wellness

"I work in a really busy industry with a high stress factor and Janet has been able to help me with her psychic life coaching through many of my challenges and choices. I have also had Reiki done many times over the years but I really didn't know how much deeper and enlightening it could be until I had a session with Janet. I could feel it on all levels and when I was done I felt such clarity and relaxation, it was amazing. Janet shared intuitively what she felt was going on with me after the session. She is an amazing, peaceful healer."
Marcus - Los Angeles, CA
Service Category: Reiki - Psychic Life & Career Coaching

"I had the great fortune of meeting Janet through a mutual friend. It was just after my son had passed away and I needed to find some peace. I was told she could help me through mediumship so I called her. It was the best call I have ever made. Words cannot describe the deep sense of peace I found in talking with her and knowing she was truly connecting with my son. I would not have been able to make it through those first few years without her."
Vanessa R.- Los Angeles, CA
Service Category: Mediumship - Psychic Life & Career Coaching

"Janet's kind and compassionate intuitive and spiritually-oriented counseling have been a source of comfort to me at many crossroads and challenging times in my life-the death of my mother, divorce/separation, loss of a loved one and in facing career and other personal issues. She is also a lot of fun and offers practical and caring advice."
Benita Hill- Nashville, TN
Service Category: Psychic Life & Career Coaching - Natural Wellness - Mediumship

"I have approached Janet both professionally and personally. Words cannot express the gratitude and admiration that I have for her work. My experience in working with Janet has allowed me to see things that I could not see and to allow matters to present themselves as is. Her teachings have provided me the insight to see things through, good, bad or indifferent. Janet's attention to detail and her gift on "listening" as well as "advising" have brought solace in dark areas. Her work is a torch for the blind, our own blockage of truth. I value her honesty and feel safe knowing that she is an email or phone call away. My recommendation is strong and supported by my own personal outcomes, which bring validity to her craft. The ability to breathe, walk and allow is what I have walked away with, because of Janet. Please accept my endorsement."
Anthony Marrero – New York, New York
Service Category: Psychic Life & Career Coaching - Mediumship - Natural Wellness

"A lot of fun to talk to! You always feel energized after a session."
Nick Kubrick - Nashville, TN
Service Category: Psychic Life & Career Coaching

"Janet has provided me with great insight and help personally in my life situations. She is professional, sensitive and compassionate. Janet makes herself available and responds in a timely manner when I have requested her help. She is honest and balanced in her opinions that help to guide me in circumstances that are uncertain. I have appreciated all of Janet’s help."
Ann Roberts- Nashville, TN
Service Category: Psychic Life & Career Coaching - Natural Wellness

"Janet is a wonderful, spiritual counselor that helped me thru very difficult times in my life. Her compassion and integrity is admirable"
Dr Aleyda Borge - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Service Category: Psychic Life & Career Coaching - Natural Wellness

"Janet is an incredibly gifted human being with the ability to provide others with valuable insights into their daily lives. Janet has been a dear friend and confidant for many years, beginning with my first pregnancy. She was a constant source of support and guidance, which I will forever appreciate. Janet provides services with integrity and dependability, and I fully endorse her practice."
Erica Jones- Naples, FL
Service Category: Psychic Life & Career Coaching - Natural Wellness

"Janet- is a great life and career coach. She was instrumental in my return to Corporate America after a 20 month mobilization and deployment to Iraq. She provided me with insight, motivation, and a no nonsense view on getting my life and career back on track. She is very talented and spot on in her recommendations."
Molly McGlaughlin- Marion, MA
Service Category: Psychic Life & Career Coaching

"Janet has a way of putting things that makes complete sense. She has been very accurate with me and has always made herself available when I needed her. Janet has shown me exactly where I should be headed and isn't afraid of telling me if I'm going in the wrong direction. I highly recommend her and have used her services multiple times over the last couple of years."
Angela Simanek- Winter Park, FL
Service Category: Psychic Life & Career Coaching

"I highly recommend Janet and her inspirational services to personally help guide individuals on their own spiritual path and personal journeys in life. Her positive spiritual insights are remarkable and on target. It's amazing how time can pass and then all of a sudden an insight "appears" that Janet may have mentioned previously."
Joan Sheridan- Swansboro, NC
Service Category: Psychic Life Coaching - Natural Wellness

"Janet came into my life by accident, ha ha on the accident part. She provided some right on intuitive perspective during a bit of turmoil in my life and again, a needed second opinion years later. She is someone I chose to go to for intuitive counseling, to verify what I knew was already true. Not to save me. Her energy is clear, caring and focused. I am grateful to have her as an empathetic resource."
Linda Brunner- Stockton, MO
Service Category: Psychic Life Coaching

"Janet is truly gifted in her work. Her insights, guidance and abilities can benefit and bless all who are on a path of healing and renewed health and well-being. She is compassionate, skilled and supportive. I have recommended her to many of my own clients and will continue to do so."
Donna Michael- Nashville, TN
Service Category: Psychic Life Coaching - Natural Wellness

"I have known Janet for several years. Her dedication to those she works with and for is amazing. Janet works from a point of unconditional love. Many times Janet has reached out to me when I am dealing with stressful situations. Her dedication, support and wisdom has helped me deal with many situations. When people ask me for a recommendation of who to see to gain insight and spiritual wisdom, Janet is at the top of my list. Her compassion and willingness to go that extra mile is amazing. I value her as a colleague, friend and spiritual advisor."
Pam Low- Austin, TX
Service Category: Psychic Life Coaching

"Janet is connected with a spirituality and vision that we all harbor within ourselves, but choose to overlook or ignore."
Jimmy Cooper – Ft Worth, Texas
Service Category: Psychic Life Coaching

"I have never met someone with Janet's skills before. Her insight into any situation is usually on target. I would recommend her services to those that desire more in-depth guidance on issues."
P. Earnhardt - Greensboro, NC
Service Category: Psychic Life Coaching - Reiki Therapy - Natural Wellness